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Notable Women of Hastings - Battleaxe on parade...

No, I'm not one of the notable women.... Last night I gave a talk to our WI group on the subject, so thought I would sum it up in this post.  I still am terribly busy. We've had friends Sue and Graham to stay,  last week I slaved all day at a big WI do at Great Ote Hall, over in Wivelsfield, which totally wore me out. Been to a party, had to work on a poem for Stanza poetry group and I have to sort a whole edition of the East Sussex WI News before we go away to Italy on 28 September...      Back to the subject in hand. Battleaxe is fine about doing talks - I enjoy it, but I still hate the technology. Ugh - wrestling with laptop and projector. How often do the wretched things go wrong?
     In the nineteenth century, Hastings was full of women of independent means and still more independent minds. Apparently it was one of the very few places in the UK where women outnumbered men. Why? Lots of well-to-do women came for their health, and lots more came to work in the hote…

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